Tag: ChurchMembers


  • Fergus Smit

    Fergus is a noble, brave, compassionate and righteous hero willing to protect the innocent and slay all evil. He has hidden rage toward's his wife, Keira's (a half-elf) death of a strange affliction. His sense of will is free of evil and he is willing to …

  • Scar Smithia

    Scar Smithia is a very powerful and and combative, but impulsive. Scar longs to be the party leader, though everyone favors [[:fergus-smit | Fergus's]] leaderships skills. Fergus, however, holds high regard for Scar's battle skills and ability to destroy …

  • Grundelmar

    Grundelmar had just recently come to Fallcrest, Fergus Smit and Scar Smitiha being his first devotees to the church. He met Fergus when he was an alcoholic and convinced him to see the light of Bahamut. He met Scar when he was travelling to Fallcrest and …

  • Thar

    Thar was the former Exarch of Gruumsh. He eventually tried to revive an [[:calastrix | ancient dragon]]. The Guardians defeated his minions and [[:fluffy-bunny-tail | Fluffy]] killed Thar and made sure he was dead by tearing out his guts.