Quest for the King

the Troll Cave

We eventually went into a cave after travelling, and we killed several Trolls and Trogladytes, but we then went into a room and took down several other Troglodytes, byt strategy allowed us to win, but a Troglodyte Shaman has escaped to warn the “Chief” I assume is the Troll King. I will be ready for the upcoming fight.

Barons and Trolls

After we defeated the Yuan-Ti and ogres, Markelhay and Nimozarn were freed of the spell they were under and we decided to continue our travel to the Barony of Therund, arriving just on the outskirts of the Barony’s city Moonstair, where we defeat a bunch of trolls eating the horse of a Messenger. The Messenger brings a message that Lord Markelhay’s son is dead, and that the Troll King has likely kept his body and ancestral sword as a trophy. We travel to Moonstair. We met the mayor Kelana, and she told us to visit the survior’s guilty Bax, a dragonborn who was part of the Baron’s son’s team. I talk to him and he gives me a map of the Trollhaunt Warrens. We travel their, take out several trolls and go to a cave. We defeat several Trolls and Trogdolytes. We will see what happens next.

Travel to Fallcrest

After the Dragon escaped, we returned to Hammerfast to warn the people. They said they saw the dragon coome but it travelled northwest. We decided to go back the the Library and we research things on Sertrous and Calastrix the Dragon. We eventually found that we could forge Merthuvial and Vaes Dothrak to equally strong swords, though evil. We decided to travel to the Barony of Therund and beak the curse off the Baron, the town being confident they can take on the weakened Calastrix. Before we go, I tell Edara the Druid to send an animal messenger if they need help in the upcoming battle with the Dragon, she agrees and gives me the Circlet, which I put in my pouch. We had to pass through Fallcrest to get to the Barony, but a guard warns us that Lord Markelhay isn’t acting right. We decide to visit him, but we stop by the Church of Bahamut fist only to find it empty, than we travel to the Lord’s tower. I notice with my insight check that he is acting strange. I notice that two people are with him, a Dwarven Fighter and a Dwarven Mage. I tell Falin to use dispel magic and she does, uncovering the disguise and it turned out the fight and mage were a Yuan-Ti spies. We manage to defeat them and the Ogre friends. We will se what happens next.

Calastrix the Dragon

Me and my party went to a cave and destroyed several ogres and Dragonborn. We eventually went into the room and killed Thar and his minions, but the dragon was awake. I failed to Negotiate with the Dragon and now he is looking for food….. we must stop him.

I have a plan

Home and Hammerfast

After we escaped, Scar (our Paladin) healed me, but I healed Fluffy. wrath. We went home, Falin visiting her master and me and Scar visiting our Church of Bahamut to meet up with Grundelmar, head of church. We preceed to tell him our narrative and adventure. We talk to Lord Markelhay, leader of Fallcrest, about this. Markelhay also brings along a Halfling Rogue named Frodo Baggins (heh) to join our team. Frodo ran away from the Baron of Therund after the Baron was apparently put under Dark Magic. We then traveled to Hammerfast, were we meet a Fanatic Dwarf and a Druid who can give us a Circlet to break the enchantment off the Baron. I manage to convince her to give us the Circlet at the end of the week. We stay their for a while while Frodo is getting bullied by a Dragonborn named Thar, who has plans to revive an ancient Dragon with Hydra blood. We preceed to a side-mission, with the Druid agreeing to give us the Circlet when we get back.

What happened so far

You see, me and my party (I am a PC NOT a DM), the Fantastic Four, were working to stop a group of thieves, but it lead into a whole adventure of trying to stop the Yuan-Ti from reviving the Forgotten King Theron’s bones embodied by a demon named Sertrous. Were were creamed, I was knocked unconscious and our Elven rogue, Fluffy Bunny-Tail (stupid name) died. We escaped with Falin (our Wizard) using a risky teleportation spell to escape.


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