Keira is a Half-Elven commoner as well as the lover and eventual wife of Fergus Smit. Though she never appeared in the campaign, she is often referenced in Flashbacks. According to Fergus, she is adventurous, driven, loyal, and graceful. Fergus also once said quote:

“Marrying Keira was the best die of my life, her dying was the worst”

Keira was a Half-Elf, and mentioned hunting several times, with her husband at her side. Keira, being an elf, was a great hunter of minor beast and often took Fergus along with him. Though Keira’s family disapproved of her marrying a human since her father died, Fergus was always good to the family and helped them with everything when he was around. Fergus describes their bond as inseparable, and that even in death, he can sense what she would want at a given time ALMOST as if she was a ghost. Keira is mentioned to be a capable combatant, being one of the few Elves to take a Monk class (which she has a few levels of since she was thirteen). Keira and Fergus never had any children. She apparently had a genetically carried affliction that healers could not heal (apparently due to her human side, as no Elf on her side of the family had died of it before).


She was raised by both her parents, who did not care of how long each other lived. Her father died of the aforementioned affliction when she was twelve, and at age thirteen, she trained and took at least 10 levels of Monk in her time period before retiring from the place of training. At age 16, she met and fell in love with Fergus Smit, to which they started seeing each other on a regular basis. They eventually married at age 20. When they were bother 23, she herself died of the affliction, and all Fergus could do was watch her die. This drove Fergus into being an alcoholic (see the Fergus Smit page for further information).


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