The evil God-Killer who's evil knows no bounds besides order.


The King of Hell is the god of Tyranny who desires nothing less then evil. He is a horrible god who carries a ruby rod, the most powerful of magical artifacts. While the ruler of Hell, he is mainly ruling over the Ninth Hell. He is immensely hated by Avandra. He wants people to:

  • Seek power over others
  • Repay evil with evil
  • Show neither pity nor mercy to anyone.
    He is the most powerful and handsomest of all the Devils. he dresses in remarkably expensive (by human standards) clothes. He has many wounds which ooze blood daily, and his blood can quite possibly grow into powerful devils. He always carries his Ruby Rod at his side. It has many powers, but also symbolizes his place as the King of Baator. Favored weapons of his Clerics are heavy maces. Temples of him are hidden in subterranean grounds.

Asmoeus was the archangel and exarch of one of the mightiest gods, who’s name is now lost. Asmodeus used the Ruby Rod to strike down his master. The dying god then turned his realm into the Nine Hells of Baator, and Asmodeus sent his archdevils to wipe out all memory of the dead god’s name. Asmodues greatly fears the god’s name now.


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