Quest for the King

To Moonstair! Charge!

With Falin using a ten minute ritual, we manage to get back to Moonstair. We wake up and talk to Kelana (the mayor of Moonstair), we ask where Rualiss is, and she says she is already in the Feywild. We go to the Feywild portal, and it is the most beautiful thing we ever will see. We meet up with Rualiss, who tells us about the Stone Cauldron, which he actually mentioned earlier, but I will tell u now. The Stone Cauldron is a magical spring with stoen built around it. It might have the power to bring entire armies back from the grave. However, it’s power is rumored to have serious declined, and the Baron of Therund’s son is somewhere east of that location (the Stone Cauldron has a fortress built around it). We manage to get to that location using Phantom Steeds, a ritual Falin has, and we make it to a cave, where we fight Helmed Horrors, Falin using a dead Eladrin’s blood to shut them down. We make it in the cave and fight a Fomorian inside. After we kill the Fomorian, we find in it’s pocket gold pieces from the Trollhaunt Warrens, and it clearly has some connection to Skalmad.



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