Quest for the King

The Wrath of the Troll King

After the Briar Hags, we went through a door and found several Troglodytes, Trolls, and Skalmad, who appeared to be talking to a couple of Drow. We managed to kill Skalmad and his Trolls and Troglodytes. The Drow escaped, saying they must warn Matron and Earlvane, and they escaped. However, Skalmad came back up and sat in his throne, teleporting, assumedly to the Feywild. I examine the Throne, and found it to be some sort of portal. I went down the stream, but found no sign of the Drow or the Troglodyte (who followed him). After that, I came back and found my teammates in Skalmad’s chambers, and Falin threw me a Shielding Girdle in Skalmad’s trophies. We then found an imprisoned human named Denthos, who tells us of Skalmad allying himself with “Theron” (which we deduce is Sertrous in his disguise as the real Theron from years ago) and tell him our adventrous tale. Denthos is from Moonstair and we decided to take him back to Moonstair, where we can possibly go ton the Fewywild location where we will find and kill Skalmad.



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