Quest for the King

End of an Era

We could not make it back to the tower, so we go further inside, fight a Displace Beast pack leader and fight Skalmad, who we learn is actually possessed by Vard. Turns out, Vard controls Skalmad’s body ever since Skalmad go the Moran’s eye. After killing and resurrecting Several Times, we take the Moran’s eye and Falin finally destroys the Stone Cauldron. We then find the Baron’s son, Etheran’s body and I revive it. We explain the whole story of Sertrous to him and we make it to an Eladrin city, where we find a portal home, but Falin decides to stay in the Feywild to study information that might be valuable in our final battle with Sertrous. We make it back to the Barony of Therund, and we have a climactic battle with the Baron’s advisor, who turns out to be a Yuan-Ti cultist in disguise. During the battle, Scar manages to put the Circlet on the Baron, who is than killed when a Yuan-Ti abomination poisons him. Etheran grieves, but we still manage to fend off the Yuan-Ti, and when the Priests attempt to revive the Baron, nothing can happen. This is a sad time.



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